Subaru Specifications
1981 Subaru BRAT

Dimensions and Capacities

Overall Length: 164.8 inches
Overall Width: 61.0 inches
Overall Height: 56.7 inches
Minimum Ground Clearance: 7.1 inches
Wheelbase: 96.5 inches

Fuel Tank: 11.9 US Gallons
Engine Oil: 4.2 US Quarts
Transmission Fluid (Manual Transmission): 3.2 US Quarts
Transmission Fluid (Automatic Transmission): Not Available
Engine Coolant: 5.8 US Quarts

Tire Size (Factory): 155/SR13
Recommended Tire Pressure (Front): 28 psi
Recommended Tire Pressure (Rear): 24 psi (32psi under full load)

Engine and Transmission Data

Available Engines:
1800cc Carbureted OHV (EA-81)

Available Transmissions:
4-speed Manual Single-Range 4WD
4-speed Manual Dual-Range 4WD (GL model only)

Engine Specifications: EA-81
Displacement: 1781cc/109 cu in.
Aspiration: 2-bbl Carburetor
Compression Ratio: 8.7:1
Horsepower: 72 at 4800 RPM
Torque: 92 at 2400 RPM
Spark Plug Type: BPES-11
Plug Gap: .040 inches

Vehicle Identification

Note: X is a placeholder. It is a check-digit which can be any alphabetical character or number from 0 to 9.

BRAT GL (manual): JF1AR53BBE
BRAT DL (manual): JF1AR52BBD

ALL ID's are appended with a 6-digit serial number. On these models, this number starts with 500001. The JF1 may also be replaced with JF2.

Factory Paint Colors

All Subaru colors are assigned a two or three digit color code from the factory. These will be appended to the end of the color name.

Mocha Brown - 13
Luminous Blue - 14
Fine Silver - 15
Plaza White - 21
Paramount Red - 24
Mild Yellow - 36
Cashmere Beige - 38
Saffron Gold - 58
Brilliant Red - 85