Air Suction Valve

Use a large vise grip of some sort to remove the air pipe nut.  Its larger than 22mm and most people don't have wrenches past that size. 

12mm bolts hold the valve to its hanger.  Remove them.

Now pull the valve up and away from the "stove pipe."

Swap parts and you are done.

One thing I found out when I did this, the hard/easy....was that one Air Suction valve costs $150 and another costs under $20.  Ironically the one with more to it costs less.  Heres what to do to be able to use the cheap part in place of the expensive one.

asv 017.jpg (160161 bytes)Pic of my broken internal pieces on my ASV.

asv 018.jpg (164050 bytes)Bottom half of old valve and top half of new valve.  The top half of the new valve isnt used.

asv 019.jpg (152328 bytes)

asv 020.jpg (157566 bytes)

Here shows the bottom half of the new part and the top half of the old part.  The big chunk at the bottom is the old reed valve that broke on mine. 

asv 021.jpg (158083 bytes)

Completed assembly of the 2 parts used to make one good one.  You need to take the whole middle section out of the new valve and drop it inbetween these two sections to make your $20 valve worth $150. 

Scan from Factory Parts Book, 1986 and 1987 EA82 cars (Wagon, 3 door, XT) with Carb.

ASV8687EA82.jpg (379662 bytes)

Then hook up all the pieces and put a new hose/silencer on and you are done.  Easy EASY easy.